Why use video? 

If you don’t already use video to promote your organisation, you may be wondering what all the fuss is about. Maybe you are considering commissioning a project but are unsure of the options available. Here are just some of the ways that video can add value to your business. 

Internal communication 

The most simple but effective video is the ‘piece to camera’

A typical situation is a CEO talking straight in to the lens to their employees about a new initiative or internal piece of communication. By addressing your employees so directly, not only do you ensure that the message is exactly as you want it, but you also have complete control of the tone and style that you want to adopt. It’s also a great way of saving the CEO from having to visit all their employees or business sites. 

This type of video is generally less expensive to produce as it usually requires only one location, but it can be scaled up to include chroma key or graphics if the budget and content warrant it. It’s also a great way of sending your message to a conference audience if you can’t make your slot. 

The ‘piece to camera’ is ideal for delivering a consistent message in a cost effective way. 

Training Video 

Tell me and I’ll forget; show me and I may remember. (Chinese Proverb) 

Video is an incredibly effective tool when demonstrating new procedures, or teaching staff how to use new software or equipment. Role plays, filmed demonstrations and voice over can take your people through key learning stages, whilst text and stills will help to summarise and consolidate the training. 

3D fly-through animations are great for more ambitious projects, whilst simple PowerPoint-style graphics are popular when the budget is tight. 

Another benefit of using video for training projects is that it is easy to make amendments, should software or procedures change – making it more cost effective than a print based solution, such as a training manual. 

Community Projects 

Many businesses link up with local charities or organisations to help put something back into the community. Documentary style techniques are great for showing a project develop over time, and produce an engaging record that can show your clients the scope of your business’ involvement. 

Even if a project has developed over many years, and the video production team has only been included in the final stages, blue prints, photographs and other archive material can be brought to life in the edit to produce an historical film that will ensure all your hard work is there to inspire your staff and demonstrate your commitment to the wider community. 


With the constant growth and increasing availability of broadband, websites such as YouTube, make it even easier to broadcast your message and reach audiences on both a national and international scale. 

Whether raising money or raising awareness, a well thought out video campaign can spread your message and strengthen the profile of your company or services. 

As countless films and photographs have shown, the right images say a thousand words. 

Events videos 

If a company is going to spend thousands of pounds on a corporate event you’d expect them to have a video record of it wouldn’t you? 

Time and time again businesses miss this opportunity. If you have spent all that time and money to deliver your new message or to recognise the achievements of your team, a summary of the whole event is a great way to get your staff engaged. It can also be used long after the event as a tool to motivate your workforce to achieve even more. 

Get a film crew to record feedback from the delegates. Ask what the audience thought the key message was, what they discussed in their breakout sessions and what they are going to do when they get back to the office on Monday morning! It’s the best way to help evaluate the success of an event or conference. 

A good production company can even produce a video of the event that can be edited back stage and played out at as a finale to the proceedings. Ask for some inspiring, upbeat music to be used. Recap the day, consolidate the message and end the event on a high. 

Award Nominations 

So you are recognising the achievements of an individual or team that have gone that extra mile, or there are several members of staff up for a top sales prize and the audience is waiting to see who has won. For some reason it just doesn’t feel like the Oscars yet does it?

That’s because you need to take it up a notch, build the tension, get a bit more showbiz. 

Quick video clips giving a short resume on who’s done what and why, with emotive music and some glitzy graphics are great for two reasons. Firstly it gives the guys on stage a short break to prepare for the winner, but secondly, and more importantly, it wakes up the audience. If they have been sitting in their chairs listening to speaker after speaker they need a break too! 

So dim the lights, cue the video and make this a night to remember. 


You have a great business. All your clients tell you so. It is said that word of mouth is the best recommendation but how do you get your current satisfied customers to talk directly to your new ones? 

To paraphrase a famous flower company: “Say it with Video.” 

This is where a web video really earns its money. Written testimonials are great but it’s even better if it comes from the ‘horse’s mouth’. If you’ve got a good relationship with your client, give them a call and ask them if they mind going on record to say how great you are. Chances are they’ll feel flattered that you considered them and jump at the chance. 

If someone launches your website and suddenly there’s a talking head telling them how great your services are, it’s going to say so much more about your organisation than you can tell them. If the client is also a well known figure, the endorsement will have even more resonance. 


The problem with new products is they often can’t be invested in because they don’t work yet. They don’t work yet because you don’t have the investment to make them work; it’s a catch 22. 

With video you can bring your prototype to life. Even if the lights don’t flash yet, or the paint job needs to be handled with kid gloves, an experienced director can bring almost any object to life – and if he can’t then the editor has a few tricks up his sleeve as well. 

I hate to shatter any allusions, but although Dr Who’s TARDIS is actually nothing more than a wooden box, a creative team makes it appear bigger on the inside than on the outside, travel in time and make it have that great noise when it travels anywhere. You get the picture. For non-Doctor Who fans, check out the link to see what I’m talking about. 

So before you go into the Dragon’s Den, think about getting a video production company to look at your latest mock up, so that they can breathe life in to your idea and help you to secure the investment you need.


Those are just a few ideas of what you can achieve with a well made video. Still stuck for ideas, or have other suggestions and questions? Feel free to get in touch, leave some feedback, follow us on Twitter or Retweet the post. We’d love to hear from you.



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