Alvis – The original Supercar. We’ve filmed cars before, but few can match the beauty and heritage of Alvis.

The Alvis Lancefield

There’s something about a classic car you can’t quite express in words. Is it the shape? The chrome? The sound? The smell?

Alvis cars embody this enigma and beneath the elegant exterior is a machine that was powerful and innovative. The first Alvis was made in 1921 by skilled engineers and paired with coachwork that exudes style and class. Once seen, Alvis cars are hard to forget.

At Red Triangle, Alvis cars are still being restored using those same skills that were used to manufacture them, the often forgotten methods of car manufacture, something unique in this age of mass production.

Alvis – Reborn

The 4.3 litre Alvis, an ‘Original Supercar’, is also returning to British roads with the Continuation Series: a new car built from the original blue prints, using the best of old and new methods.

The Alvis 4.3 litre Continuation Series
The Alvis 4.3 litre Continuation Series

It’s certainly an exciting time for an often overlooked British classic car, now turning heads again after all these years.

Find out more about the new car in our promo below and head over to Alvis and Red Triangle to see the other films in the series.





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  1. Nice car and excellent video presentation as well.