Branded comedy content can take your campaign, brand or message to a much wider audience.

Humour is the shortest distance between two people’. Victor Borge

For the last 6 years MGL Media has been partnering with Sparkle Productions to unite the cream of British comedy talent with some of our best loved brands, producing funny campaigns that entertain and deliver. Here’s Vic Reeves in our latest campaign for 2K Games WWE2K17 video game.

Make ’em Laugh

We all value a great sense of humour, so if a brand can make us laugh, we’re bound to be attracted to them. We’re only human.

These days, many companies post the same old stuff to their Social Media feeds and are surprised when engagement is so low. A little bit of comedy injects personality into your brand and helps you to win the hearts and minds of your audience.

Comedy content is perfect for ‘viral’ sharing. We all love to find that funny clip or idea to pass on to our friends and work colleagues. It makes us look good too. Funny ideas are ‘sticky’ ideas – they stay with you long after the last joke.

Big brands have always used humour in their TV advertising, winning awards and new customers in the process. We can all remember a funny commercial from our youth, from Smash Martians to the Hamlet photo booth to Peter Kay’s John Smith’s ads.

You’ve got the power

Now thanks to platforms like YouTube, Vimeo and Facebook, your company can harness the power of comedy advertising.  And, with our years of experience in scripting, talent sourcing and social media, we’re here to help you deliver your punchline. Here’s just a few examples of our past campaigns . . .

So get in touch to arrange a chat about how we can sprinkle some ‘funny’ on to your next campaign, because everyone enjoys a good laugh – especially at work!

In the meantime, tell us some of your favourite ad campaigns in the comments below.

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