Brewing Real Ale – the subject of films we recently produced for Everards Brewery. Episode 1 looks at Ingredients and Milling The Malt.

Cask Ale Week & Brewing Real Ale

Local Beer Heroes, Everards are one of many excellent breweries in Leicestershire. The brewery has been serving the local area for more than 160 years and we were lucky enough to work with them to produce a series of short films to celebrate Cask Ale Week.

Most people are surprised to learn that despite its countless styles, tastes and colours, beer contains only 4 main ingredients – hops, barley, yeast and water. As with any quality product, it’s the skill and expertise of the individuals who craft it, that makes beer special and it was a pleasure to capture that process.

The People

Focusing on the people and the skilled craft of brewing real ale, each film looked at a different part of the brewing process. From the quality ingredients that go in to making the perfect pint, through the milling, fermentation and on to cask racking and delivery, the films show the care and attention that dedicated brewers pour into one of the nation’s favourite drinks.

picture of Graham Giblett, Head Brewer at Everards in charge of brewing real ale.
Graham Giblett, Head Brewer at Everards Brewery in Leicestershire

Everards was keen to show the personalities and passion of their team and we knew the best way to do that was to let the people speak for themselves, about what they do best: Making great beer. The films also give a good overview of the more technical aspects of the brewing process and offer a great starting point for anyone who wants to know more about a naturally produced British product – cask ale.

From The Brewery to Your Local

a pint of beer. Brewing real ale
A Pint of Everards Tiger

Soon to be released is a  5 minute version of the film, which shows the whole journey from the brewery to the local pub and includes  extra comments from the Everards team.

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