Making great food video content is something we’ve been doing for years. We’ve produced films for public health campaigns. We developed many films for the government’s ‘Cook4Life’ scheme. We help charities to create fun cooking show-style YouTube videos and enable them promote affordable meals.

More recently, we produced several hours of content for one of the UK’s largest retailers. Our work was part of a huge scheme to educate their staff about what makes great food and drink. Here’s a taste of what we created :

A taster of our Foodology series of films

The Key Ingredients

Our client needed an extensive library of videos they wanted to host on a new intranet site for staff called ‘Foodology’ . The site needed to have a lifestyle feel and reflect the values of the external brand which focused on ethically sourced, high quality ingredients .

They had a real desire to educate staff to help them make healthier choices and learn some basic cooking skills. We used experienced chefs, with a background of teaching culinary skills to beginners.

Phil Elliot was our onscreen presenter and Melanie Ryder prepared all the dishes off-camera and ensured everything ran as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

Food filming: on set with MGL Media.
Behind the scenes with producer, Wayne Kelly and culinary consultants, Mel and Phil

Food filming is all in the preparation

We had to shoot a vast amount of material over a few days. Preparing the food for the various modules was only one part of creating an efficient workflow . Script pre-production is important. We know that films like this need intro and outro sections to guide the viewer. These were scripted early on by our .

Create great food video content with MGL Media.
Multiple broadcast standard cameras captured the action

Our client was keen to use their own in-house tasting kitchens for filming. We know kitchen’s aren’t designed with filming in mind. Years of experience means we’re comfortable with adapting business premises, homes and offices – effectively creating a TV studio in situ.

For this project, we shot on three cameras. We fixed one camera above the food prep area to capture the classic overhead shot seen in many cookery shows. Here’s an example of how effective this set-up is: short video about one of the basics of food preparation – the ‘rolling chop’.

Food Video: A Recipe For Success

First we established good communication with our client from the outset. Then we used careful preparation and created an efficient filming environment perfect to create 60 videos of great food content. Lastly we established a visual identity for Foodology and a library of content. Staff can now access this content for many years to come as the techniques are universal.

Like any good recipe, ingredients should be varied according to taste and occasion. For us this means listening to our clients. We blend our experience with your aspirations. The result is video content that feeds your audience to keep them coming back for more. Please get in touch to see how we can add flavour to your next video or campaign.

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