Beer in the countryside


‘A Crafty Pint’ is our documentary about the real ale and craft beer scene in the UK. It’s currently in production and scheduled for release in 2015.


For many of us, ordering a pint at the local used to be a simple case of: 

“I’ll have a [INSERT MEGA-BRAND DRINK HERE] please.”

– a straightforward choice of lager, bitter or stout. It was easy, but it was often bland and uninspired. Thanks to a nationwide brewing revolution, things are changing rapidly. Consumers want more choice and they’ve got it, with more than 200 new breweries opening every year in the UK alone. From Porters to Pale Ales, Wee Heavies to Wheat Beers and everything in between there is a taste and style to suit even the most discerning drinker. ‘A Crafty Pint’ will look at the people, the produce and the social scene behind the Craft Beer explosion.

Beer is a vital part of our economy and agriculture – this film takes you from the barley fields, hop farms and maltings to the festival tent and off licence. What drives the humble home brewer in their pursuit of the perfect pint? Why are micro-brewers so passionate about finding the perfect balance of hops for their latest creation? How do the bigger independent breweries go about consistently crafting top-drawer beer for their customers?

Real Ale or Craft Beer?

The world of beer isn’t without its own controversy and, for some, the battle lines are drawn between Craft Beer and Real Ale – but does it really matter, and what’s the difference anyway? We’ll be hearing from believers on both sides of the argument, as well as those content to sup any beer – as long as it’s tasty and made with the love and attention it deserves.

It’s about the people

But it’s not just about the product. We’re meeting the punters, the publicans and the promoters of fine ales to discover why they’re barmy about beer. You’ll see how the Beer Sommelier turns tasting in to an artform. Speaking of art and creativity, the world of Craft Beer is full of it. We’ll be following the journey of a new micro brewery, watching the creation of a brand design, seeing how a beer is born, named and presented to the world.

So raise your glass, bottoms up, sláinte and saluté in reverence to the finest alcoholic beverage the world has ever seen.



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