Production Photos Courtesy of Johan Persson
Production Photo Courtesy of Johan Persson

One of our recent projects has seen us working with acclaimed theatre director Paul Kerryson, with his production of Martin McDonagh’s “Lieutenant of Inishmore” which is now showing at Leicester’s state of the art theatre, Curve.

For the uninitiated, the play is a riotous black comedy that tells the tale of psychopathic paramilitary, Padraic and his reaction to discovering that his cat “Wee Thomas” has been killed. Buckets of blood, bad taste and belly laughs ensue to provide a great night’s entertainment. Don’t just take our word for it, though, The Guardian review was equally glowing in it’s praise.

After our work on another Martin McDonagh play last year – the excellent “Pillowman” – it was great to get another call from Paul to help with the visuals for ‘Inishmore’. Our brief was to create several video inserts to act as effective transitions between key scenes and ensure the audience remained fully immersed in the world of Padraic and co.

Working closely with Paul, we came up with a number of ideas of the types of imagery we wanted to use and how we could incorporate them in to each montage. Many props were filmed in High Definition, against a black background, and then composited with other elements including stills of the Island of Inishmore itself and several set-pieces with actor Samuel Roukin,in the role of psychopath Padraic.

Padraic Arrives Back on Inishmore

The final result was projected above the set and was juxtaposed with heavy rock music and jarring sound effects, which all ensured the audience remained engaged with the piece from start to finish.

The Lieutenant of Inishmore will run in the Studio at Curve Theatre, Leicester until Feb 27th, and is definitely not to be missed.

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