Everards award-winning brewery tour was launched to showcase their new state of the art brewing facility and to highlight the long family history of the brand. MGL Media were commissioned to craft a film that brings that history to life, captivating visitors and enhancing the tour experience.

The initial brief was to create some video content to kick off the tour, which begins in the ‘Barrel Room’. The Barrel Room is actually a purpose-built AV suite and the perfect place to introduce tour visitors to the new Everards home. The aim of the film was to create a sense of expectation and set the tone for the rest of the guided tour.

Putting a face to the brand

President, Richard Everard

Working with Claire Cannell and the Everards team, we worked through a range of suggestions and ideas – including a more text-based film or using animation. However, neither of these approaches seemed to fit with the heritage aspects of Everards or reflect the family values of the company. It was decided the best way to do that was to use a familiar face. President and patriarch of the family, Richard Everard was the perfect choice. With his grasp of family history and knowledge of the business, Richard would provide gravitas and a warm welcome to visitors. It’s also a chance for visitors to virtually meet a member of the Everards family.

History in a modern context

Archive photography brought to life

Although Everards’ history spans more than 170 years, it was important to emphasise the modern aspirations of the company. The guided tour utilises audio headsets and the brewery itself is state of the art. With that in mind, the film needed to be slick. That meant high production standards, a good script and interesting visuals. We shot new drone footage to illustrate the impressive building exteriors and beautiful surrounding countryside. We filmed new sequences inside the beer hall, shop and brewery itself. Using rostrum camera techniques, we brought to life some of Everards’ extensive photographic archive using a documentary-style approach. A soundtrack was created that included music and sound effects to make the experience as immersive as possible.

Award Winning

The film sets the scene for Everards’ experienced guides to give visitors a fascinating tour that has already delighted more than 3,000 visitors. There’s been a plethora of 5 star reviews and now the tour is officially ‘award-winning’. In December 2022, Everards won 2 prizes at the Leicestershire Promotions and Tourism Hospitality Awards – including ‘Best Customer Experience’.

Claire Cannell, Everards Experiences Manager and Tour Guide, had this to say about working with MGL Media on the project:

“We love working with Wayne and Matt at MGL Media. They always succeed in shaping our ideas into wonderful video content that is reflective of our brand. Wayne and Matt were also key in our recent award success for ‘Best Customer Experience’ at the Leicestershire Tourism Awards, where they produced a high quality, informative and engaging video that is played at the start of our brewery tour and is often met with applause by guests, our visitors tell us that this heart-warming video it is one of their favourite parts of their experience.” 

Everards Brewery Tour – See for yourself

Don’t just take our word for it. Why not see for yourself why so many visitors are loving the Everards Brewery Tour? You can find more info and book a tour here. We would love to hear what you think. Already been? Get in touch, tell us in the comments below or just let us know what your favourite Everards tipple is – mine’s Old Original!

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