An event highlight video or memories film are valuable for many reasons. Firstly they’re a great record of all of the time, effort and money you and your company have invested in gathering people together to educate and entertain customers or employees. More importantly they help with your company engagement and ensure absent employees don’t miss out on your key messages.  They also promote your next company event all in one easily sharable video that can be shared easily.

Experience in event video

Our team have been making highlight videos for over twenty years now.  Videos like this have evolved into exciting communications in their own right.  These films capture all the key messages of the event in a few well-edited minutes and keep the buzz going you worked so hard to create on the day. They also help you keep an archive of material you can revisit for your social media channels.

Conference and presentation video
Keynote speaker at recent Cognism event

Highlights films should also offer something unique. We often record exclusive new interviews with shots of keynote speakers to succinctly summarise presentations. We incorporate steadicam and slow motion video footage of key moments and include behind the scenes sequences and take your audience to places they don’t usually see. Our experience means we can turn these films around fast. Your marketing team can share your celebration quickly through your social media channels soon after the event has finished.

Highlight video memories film example

Here are two examples of event highlight videos we’ve produced recently for some interesting sectors:

Awin – ‘House of Clandestine’

Cognism AI Revenue Event

If you’re planning an event that reaches audiences beyond those who could attend and would like to make sure it lives on long after the stage has been packed away,  contact us at MGL Media. We’re here to help.

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