. . . a photographer, an artist, a writer or perhaps even a building or a place.

Our new “The Life Of” series of short documentaries are films that look at the lives of people and places, shedding light on how they inspire others and what gives their lives meaning and purpose.

 “I’m an addictive sketcher.”

The Life of an Artist is an uplifting film for artists of any kind, featuring the inspirational work and thoughts of Adebanji Alade.



Justin Quinnell, world-renowned pinhole photographer

“Life is about being bothered.”

 The Life of a Pinhole Photographer takes a look at the fascinatingly quirky world of internationally renowned photographer, Justin Quinnell.

The series will continue over the coming weeks and months, with our next film ‘The Life of a Writer’ about to go in to production. More information will follow soon.

In the meantime, take a look at the first two inspiring films and let us know what you think. As always, we would love to hear your feedback, so tweet, comment or join our Facebook page to get in touch.

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