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Instagram is a useful platform to use video marketing for your business during the pandemic.When faced with financial uncertainty, many companies usually cut budgets to areas of business such as video marketing in a move to save some money. However, during this pandemic it’s more important than ever to be visible to your customers. Video is now vital to every business, from start-ups to well established large organisations. If you’re not visible through video on your website and social media then you might lose opportunities to your competitors.

Non-essential stores like clothing retailers are currently closed to the public. Passing trade just isn’t possible during the current U.K. lockdown. Fashion brands are now communicating with their consumers using apps like Instagram to take their customers on a journey. It’s where Pin Curls Vintage Services has built an audience for its styling clothing. It’s very popular too – Instagram has the 4th-most users of any mobile app.

Pin Curls Vintage UK

Claire Shell from Pin Curls Vintage UK realised she needed to adapt her business during the UK lockdown. She already had built a following on Instagram but hadn’t used video marketing a great deal. Mainly she used it to display photos of vintage garments she had for sale. The vintage fairs she usually attended and where her business was visible to her clients were no longer going ahead. Claire also wanted to expand into new garments and offer a new service to respond to the demand for high quality vintage clothing in modern sizes and materials. Instagram is all about great images and for Claire’s business, that’s where her audience and the influencers who can promote her business exist. We knew that a film that put Claire and her unique personality front and center, at the same time taking the customer on a behind the scenes journey, would communicate her new venture quickly and with style.

Be yourself

All businesses are a unique reflection of their founder. The most successful ones also have a story which resonates with its customers. It shares their values. They are not just buying a unique piece of clothing from Pin Curls Vintage UK. They are making a statement about the style and ethos the brand stands for based on what they see and hear. A good video director is able to capture the personality and “life” of their subject. The most common reply to the film on the Pin Curls Vintage Instagram page is how well Claire comes across on camera. Experience in interviewing technique but also in editing and crafting the narrative makes a film just flow and feel natural. If the subject feels comfortable then the audience usually feels the same.

Using video marketing in this way, for any business at a time where new business and competition for customers is fierce, is the safest way to be seen. Taking the viewer on a virtual journey gives your company a unique place to tell and sell.

A word from Claire

Matt Holt from MGL Media was a pleasure to work with. Patient and encouraging, he was able to make me relax. The end result surpassed my expectations and the response to my promo has been overwhelmingly positive. I shall definitely use MGL Media in the future. 

Maybe you should try Instagram as a way to grow your business in 2021? MGL Media has a proven track record of making videos that build an audience and communicate quickly, clearly and with style. Get in touch to find out how we can help you attract new customers in 2021.

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