Spend more time considering your film’s message.

Think about it this way . . . try to remember a classic TV interview of one of your favourite celebrities (one of my personal favourites is the Michael Parkinson interview of Peter Sellers). When you think of the interview, is it the questions of the interviewer you remember – or is it (more likely) the answers of the guest?

Interviews in Video Production

Many corporate films and testimonial videos are heavily reliant on content gained from interviews. Interviews of staff members, interviews of clients or interviews with experts. With such a focus on interviewing your subjects it’s very easy to become obsessed with what questions you should be asking each individual or group, when what you should be concentrating on is . . . the answers!

This is a trap that many clients fall in to, and whilst questions can form a great starting point for the creative process – who is your audience? etc – the real focus should be on which key messages and issues you would like to hone in on. For example, perhaps you would like staff members to share some best practice around Customer Service or you would like to shed light on how you can improve a particular process or procedure.

Ensuring your video production team know exactly what you would like to cover is vital if you are looking to create an effective film. A good Producer will make sure they have a good understanding of what their client would like to achieve with their film and will ask the right questions until they have all the content you need.

So spend a little more time thinking about your message and leave the questions to an experienced production team – and on that note, one final question . . . . have you given us a call yet to see how we can help you with your next video project?

In the meantime, we would love to hear your thoughts and feedback on this, or any of our other posts and videos.



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