We thought it was a weird coincidence when we discovered the  shoes of the latest incarnation of Dr Who are actually Loake boots . Having produced the film for Loake with Indigobluemedia, we knew they were timeless, but didn’t expect them to find fame across the universe!

It’s also an odd coincidence which not only links us to our clients BBC and Loake, but the band Madness too. Mike from Madness appears in our latest documentary, and they used to buy their shoes from the same Camden shop, the British Boot Company, where Peter Capaldi picked up the Doctor’s boots personally this year.

Obviously Dr Who, the BBC, Loake and Madness are all typically English icons, and if that’s your kind of thing we look forward to showcasing our next documentary soon. We’re also proud to say that the subject of our new film, like the time lord’s shoes, is made in England too.

You can find the full story of the 12th Doctors new costume in the Telegraph.

Image courtesy of BBC.

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