Morris – A Minor Documentary, is our latest film, released online to co-incide with the anniversary of our 10th year in business. It’s a celebration of the Morris Minor – a British design classic that’s still popular with vintage car enthusiasts, young drivers and celebrities alike.

“It’s as British as real ale, a pot of tea or even a bag of chips . . .”

Previous films on the subject have tackled the history of the car, it’s manufacturing and mechanical aspects. We were keen to make a film about people and their personal experiences. We wanted a particular focus on the younger generation of drivers now using the ‘Moggy, as it’s affectionately known. The Morris Minor is such a huge part of our driving heritage in the UK. Almost everyone has a story to tell about the little car that was once an everyday sight on our roads. For some, like author Martin Wainwright, it brings back happy memories of marriage proposals. For others it’s the car they learned to drive in.

Mike Barson, from Madness, playing "Driving in My Car"
Mike Barson, from Madness, playing “Driving in My Car”

“I’ve been driving in my car . . .”

Even when remembering some of the Minor’s faults, owners always have a smile on their face. Mike Barson, pianist and songwriter from the band Madness, talks fondly of his Morris Minor which doubled as a work vehicle in the day and a band van at night. It left such a strong impression on him, he decided to immortalise the Morris in the Madness song, “Driving in My Car” . He even gave us a personal rendition on the pub piano.

Like their owners, vintage cars are quirky, fun and sometimes a little unpredictable, which made for a great film about how iconic British design and good old-fashioned nostalgia are introducing a new generation to the Morris Minor . . . The Little Car That Could.

We’ve already had some brilliant responses to the film – including from enthusiasts on the American blog Hemmings Daily. What are your Morris Minor stories? Perhaps you’re a fan of other vintage cars and brands – let us know in the comments below, Tweet us or join our Facebook community.


  1. brilliant. should have mine in a couple of weeks, she is a 1958 4door and will be named Myrtle after my late nan.

  2. Absolutely loved your documentary. The Minor was my very first car, and after seeing the documentary, I decided to buy another to be the promotional car for my business.

    I live in Auckland, New Zealand and the car I bought was a barn find in Dunedin (1200 kms away). It had sat in a garage for 30 years. The owner got it back on the road and then drove it over two days from Dunedin to Auckland. Not bad for an old car that hadn’t really been driven for 30 years.