Scripting your film, considering your message, themes and purpose, ensures it will resonate with your audience long after the credits have rolled. Video is a visual medium but when you’re creating meaningful content, words matter.

selection of books and scripts written by Wayne Kelly. Scripting your film comes from my experience as a writer
My published short stories and recent scripts

Words matter

They certainly matter to me. I’ve been obsessed with writing from an early age. At 13, I stood on stage, nervously reading a competition-winning poem. A few years later I was performing my own songs and penning comedy sketches. The poetry (thankfully for you) has been left behind and these days I write short stories, novels and scripts. I’ve written dozens of corporate films and promos, including our emotive Alvis Supercar commercial.

Bring the drama

The Alvis film had to evoke a bygone age, whilst firmly rooting the car and the brand in the present. The tone required a certain level of drama and words that could be brought to life by a professional actor. This is something I have experience in, having written a number of dramatic scripts. These include the short horror film, INKLING, which won an award at this year’s HorrorHound festival in Cincinnati, and the critically-acclaimed lockdown drama, ‘Life Support’. Watch the ‘Life Support’ trailer below and you can find the full ten minute film on YouTube here.

Trailer for short film ‘LIFE SUPPORT’

Learning from the experts

Despite many years of experience, I’m always looking to refine my craft and learn more, so in 2014 I created The Joined Up Writing Podcast. Each episode, I interview a different writer or creative. From best-selling authors like CJ Tudor to BAFTA-winning writer-producers like Jeff Pope, I’ve been fortunate enough to chat to dozens of talented individuals.

logo for The Joined Up Writing Podcast which is where I hone my script writing skills
I host the regular writing show,
“The Joined Up Writing Podcast”

Why big ideas need small words

You may be asking what all of that has to do with writing copy for more straightforward corporate communication films or presentations. Well, when scripting your film, the same skills come in to play. Deploying simple, direct language to explain sometimes complex ideas or products is our bread and butter. That might mean breaking down the brewing process for Everards Brewery or enticing volunteers to become special constables for the police. More recently, we created this recruitment film for KH Hair.

This script blends soundbites from ‘real’ hair stylists with several sequences delivered by an actor. It’s a great example of another important aspect of good writing: structure. As with any good novel or Summer blockbuster, pacing is key. Being familiar with story theory and narrative arcs means our films always build to a satisfying conclusion. Even when editing interviews, my writing skills help me to craft a narrative, to give context to the images and amplify the power of the spoken word. Studies show people are more likely to remember how they feel, rather than a specific line of script, so triggering an emotional response in your audience is vital if you want your content to have a long shelf life.

Scripting your film – get it write

So when it comes to putting together your next video, are you still thinking of ‘winging it’ and hoping for the best? Think again, because when it comes to reaching an audience and telling the story of your organisation or brand . . . words really do matter.

Get in touch to find out how we can help turn your next good idea into a great one.

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