Our crew attending the film premiere of Stan and Ollie the Laurel and Hardy biopic
Our crew interviewing Steve Coogan and John C Reilly

As fans of Laurel and Hardy and their films since we were kids, we were thrilled to be asked to attend the BFI World Film Premiere of ‘Stan and Ollie’. When we were told Steve Coogan and John C Reilly were cast we were even more excited. We filmed the red carpet interviews on behalf of the Laurel and Hardy Podcast, a huge online forum created and run by Ross Owen. Ross was also a consultant on the film and even has a cameo role in tribute to his heroes.

Film Premiere of Stan and Ollie the Laurel and Hardy biopic
Producer, Wayne Kelly

Hats off to Laurel and Hardy

We dressed for the occasion, donning our best bowler hats, and had a blast chatting to cast and crew – including stars Steve Coogan, Jon C. Reilly and Rufus Jones, as well as Director, Jon S Baird and Writer, Jeff Pope. It’s clear that the film is a labour of love for all of those involved. Jeff Pope talked of lying in front of the TV as a small boy, laughing at the lovable duo. In his youth, Jon S Baird dressed as Stan Laurel for a fancy dress party and Rufus Jones is a die-hard fan, joining the Laurel and Hardy fan club ‘Sons Of The Desert’ in his teens.

Coogan and Reilly spent hours working on the classic dance scene from ‘Way Out West’ – even perfecting the small mistakes Laurel and Hardy made in the original. Coogan told us why he thinks the entertainers are still so relevant to modern audiences . . .

Critics are gushing about the film that is already being tipped for BAFTA and Oscar success, but for Jeff Pope the only critic who mattered was Stan’s great granddaughter, Cassidy Cook, who also attended the premiere. Fortunately, she loves the film and sees it as a fitting tribute to the legacy of Laurel and Hardy.

Here’s a highlights film, featuring all of our cast and crew interviews, as well as a bonus chat with Laurel and Hardy super fan, Danny Baker.

It was a great night that this MGL Media duo won’t forget in a hurry, but what about you? Are you a Laurel and Hardy fan? What’s your favourite film? Maybe you’re looking forward to seeing the film and introducing ‘The Boys’ to a new generation? Let us know in the comments.

Wayne Kelly and Cameraman/Director, Matt Holt

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