Taking your brand global with video is a great way to attract a worldwide audience. This was our goal when producing films for Rolls Royce and Bentley parts supplier, Flying Spares.

A classic Rolls Royce used throughout the film

Founded in 1995 in Leicestershire, Flying Spares has already built a successful business supplying classic car parts to the UK and international market. Now they were keen to consolidate their achievements and demonstrate how they differ from the competition. They wanted to show the size of their operation, whilst emphasising their strong family values. This meant capturing the range of in-house services they provide. All while reiterating their commitment to securing the long-term future of Flying Spares.

Proven track record . . .

Flying spares founders Ben and Lucy Handford
Flying Spares founders, Ben and Lucy Handford

We were approached by company founders, Ben and Lucy Handford, after they’d been impressed by our previous work. Work that included another luxury brand, Alvis Cars. From the outset, it was clear Ben and Lucy were passionate about the people in their business. They wanted to reflect their family ethos in the films we made. They already ship parts around the world. Now it was time to demonstrate to an international audience why their parts and services are so high in quality. Well-crafted video content is the best way to do that.

Starting a conversation . . .

After an initial visit to their premises, we had a real feel for what Flying Spares were about. We decided on an approach that would best capture the spirit of what they do. Some products and brands benefit from a more corporate, scripted approach, but we felt these films should have a natural, organic style. We captured long form audio interviews with Ben, Lucy and with a vehicle technician. Without the pressure a camera can sometimes bring, the interviews had a relaxed, conversational feel and yielded lots of fascinating content.

Our job was to shape that into a structured narrative – essentially a script – that best met the project brief. We created an audio-only version of the film, allowing Ben and Lucy to approve the script before a camera or light was even switched on. That meant we could create a detailed shooting script and get the most out of our onsite filming days.

Breathing life into the brand . . .

Rolls Royce silver shadow 2
Car-mounted cameras add pace to the film

Although Flying Spares predominantly sells car parts, rather than the cars themselves, we were keen to include beautifully shot footage of the iconic vehicles in motion. To that end, part of the shooting schedule allowed for the filming of a Bentley classic and a Rolls Royce Silver Shadow II. These shots appeal to the classic car enthusiast customers of Flying Spares, whilst adding colour and vibrancy to the film.

A Global Brand and a Lasting Legacy . . .

A skilled engineer chats to founder, Ben Handford

A large part of Flying Spares’ ethos is around conservation and regeneration of these classic vehicles, but more importantly preserving the craftsmanship and bespoke engineering skills that are being lost over time. Flying Spares runs apprenticeship programmes to train future generations. The film ends on an important and moving message. Ben and Lucy have secured the legacy of the business and these skills by setting up an Employee Owned Trust, effectively handing the future of Flying Spares to the people who helped to build it. Here’s the main film, recently released on YouTube and across Flying Spares social media network.

The Main Flying Spares Promo Film

Fantastic feedback . . .

Some early YouTube feedback for the main film

As these early YouTube comments show, the films are already reaching a global audience and hitting the right note with new and existing customers. It’s satisfying to see the image projected in our film is an accurate and sincere picture of a service driven, people-focused business.

Like Ben and Lucy, we’re passionate about the people we work with and know that our best work reflects this. Are you looking at taking your brand global with video? Get in touch to see how we can help you shine an international light on your business.

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