A short burst of inspiration – Top 5 Life Lessons

Our Top 5 Life Lessons is a new video showing the best bits from our series of inspirational films in the ‘Life Of’ series. In 2012, we made the first of these entertaining documentaries about people who have a passion for what they do and a desire to inspire others. Since then, more artists and creatives have offered their insights on life, creativity and mental health. Each film is packed with positivity, but here is a rundown of our top 5 pearls of wisdom from the series so far.

People should have mentors . . .

Adebanji Alade giving one of his top 5 life lessons
Artist Adebanji Alade in ‘Life of an Artist’

Adebanji Alade is a regular contributor to the BBC’s ‘One Show’ and has made numerous other TV appearances. However, back in 2013, he was an artist making a name for himself and learning his craft. He imparted his unique brand of insight and inspiration through his Addictive Sketcher blog posts. As soon as I saw one of Adebanji’s inspirational social media clips, I knew he would be the perfect subject for the second of our ‘Life Of’ series of films – Life of an Artist. That film is full of powerful and emotive content. The clip I chose to highlight as one of our top 5 is on the importance of having a mentor.

Do it for the sheer joy . . .

Hannah Berry giving life lessons in Life of a Comics Creator
Hannah Berry in Life of a Comics Creator
(image courtesy of Hannah Berry)

Graphic Novelist, Hannah Berry was a pleasure to work with back in 2016, when we spent some time looking at her inspiration and process for Life of a Comics Creator. I love what Hannah has to say about finding joy in what you do. She is proof that passion and enjoyment can lead to personal and professional success. She is now the UK comics laureate, responsible for promoting her industry and tackling important issues like diversity and fair pay for creatives.

It doesn’t have to be perfect . . .

Kate Harrison's life lesson was around perfection
Kate Harrison in Life of a Writer

In late 2013, we spent time in Brighton with best-selling author, Kate Harrison for Life of a Writer. Creatives of all types are often inhibited by their desire for immediate perfection. As a writer, Kate knows all first drafts are bad, but what’s important is expressing that initial idea. As the old adage goes: You can’t edit a blank page. Crafting the perfect paragraph, painting or sculpture takes time and, as Kate says in the film, “if you love something enough, you will find the time to do it.”

Make it the best six lines!

Actor Daniel Taylor playing Tommy Cooper is a life lesson in perseverance
Daniel Taylor in Life of an Actor

Daniel Taylor gave us a backstage pass for our 2017 film Life of an Actor. We joined him in the midst of his tour of ‘The Tommy Cooper Show’, a play he co-wrote and produced. We saw first-hand the hard work that goes into preparing for a role and putting on your own production. In a long and successful career, Daniel has performed in huge West End shows and even taken the lead role in ‘Lennon: Through a Glass Onion’, performing as the famed Beatle in theatres around the world. Despite his success, he explained it all began with the nativity play at school. The role may have been small, but Daniel’s determination and dedication made sure he stood out. It’s a lesson we can all apply to our lives and careers.

Life is about being bothered . . .

Justin Quinnell's life lesson on being bothered
Justin Quinnell in Life of a Pinhole Photographer

Life of a Pinhole Photographer was where it all began, with quirky beer can camera pioneer, Justin Quinnell. It was Justin’s iconic solograph of the Clifton Suspension Bridge in Bristol that first inspired me to find out more about him. It soon became apparent he was as unique and arresting as the incredible images he manages to capture with his homemade cameras. Aside from his sense of humour, Justin has a natural sense of curiosity and an infectious zest for life best summed up in the clip I selected – life is about ‘being bothered’.

So much more inspiration . . .

It was hard to choose just 5 life lessons from such a talented and inspiring group of people, but fun to have an excuse to revisit a series of films that continue to attract an audience. For more inspiration, watch the whole series for free right now on our YouTube channel. Maybe you have a suggestion for a topic or person to appear in a future film? Get in touch or leave a comment below to let us know how the films have ignited your creativity.

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