Teleprompter in video production

We have found our teleprompter or autocue is becoming more popular with our clients. Many companies and organisations are finding themselves with a lot of new messages to deliver. Covid-19 has changed the way all of us live and work. Video is the perfect way to deliver information in a personal way, especially if you decide to present straight to camera. People like seeing real people, it makes us feel more comfortable. Using a teleprompter, or autocue can really help you deliver messages in a clear, precise way.

A teleprompter allows you to connect with your audience. As you look directly at them down the lens of the camera you also have your script right in front of you. It’s personal and it saves you having to think on your feet. Using a teleprompter also removes those “ums” and “ers” we all naturally deliver when we are trying to think of the next word to say. It’s why television presenters and news readers have been using autocue for years. It saves them having to memorise complicated facts and figures and gives them more confidence in their delivery.

Conferences and the event industry

Many events are now migrating on line in the wake of the restrictions government is placing on meetings. Conference are adapting and being broadcast over the internet as important messages still need to be delivered. So you may find that you or one of your team will need to go in front of a camera to communicate with the rest of your company of your customers. We are here to help. Contact us at MGL Media and we can make you look and sound your best. Whether you have used a teleprompter before or you are new to presenting on screen we can help produce a script, find a location, take you through recording and edit your film. We can create graphics to help explain facts and figures and mix clear, quality sound so that your film gets the attention it deserves.

Sometimes Zoom style self shot videos are the quick fix to communicate with your team. For professional presentations where quality counts you may want to consider MGL Media.

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