Still from event video filmed under Covid 19 restrictions
Video helping the event and conference world adapt to new restrictions

Video production like most industries in the second half of 2020 are facing some uncertainty as customers re evaluate their video marketing budgets. . In a way its the best of times with businesses and individuals embracing Zoom and other face to face video technologies. A recent study suggests adults spend 40% of their day in front of a screen. But it’s also the worst of times. Financial uncertainty historically results in businesses reducing their marketing budgets, so branded content videos take a hit.

We’ve been here before though. I remember not long into my career the tragedy of 9/11 sent shock waves through businesses across the world. Many moved money from their marketing budgets into business security. More recently the recession which began in 2009 also influenced many financial decisions away from marketing and promotion. Sometime the cost of doing nothing can be greater than making your company more visible with effective video marketing.

Ever changing video marketing tools

MGL Media makes some of its revenue from the event industry. Some are videos that play on big screens launching products and new ideas, but also films of the events themselves. We have worked with events companies like On Event Production, Primary Live and Bamboo Events for many years. Covid-19 has meant these companies have had to re-think how they can help their clients communicate with staff and customers. Our video production skills have come in handy with these “hybrid events”. So we use live cameras and pre-recorded video clips to help these events broadcast via the internet . We’ve also been able to help customers deliver new messages ‘”as live” with our autocue or teleprompter set up.

video marketing with Covid-19 restrictions
teleprompter and chromakey studio set up in a client’s workspace

Communication is crucial

Some people now face the prospect of redundancy. We have clients in the medical sector and the Police who are using recruitment videos to bring in new people. We’ve also made films recently to show the benefits of opening a new business. Or videos to raise funds for a new product on Kickstarter.

The health and safety of employees and customers has been more visible then ever in 2020. There are now so many new messages of social distancing, sanitizing and different working practices. Not only have we made videos for our clients to help spread new regulations, we’ve also had to commission ourselves to create new video content.

Pause and play

Competition for work in the video production sector is as fierce as ever with many producers, directors and camera crew impatient to get out and get back to work. At MGL Media we feel our unique selling point is our experience. We used to believe our logo was a symbol of our creativity, but after 17 years we feel it shows a safe pair of hands. Over the years we have been fortunate to work with some amazing brands and individuals. Despite the challenges faced in 2020 we have helped our new and existing clients use video to grow their businesses, deliver key messages and remain visible despite new restrictions.

If you think you need help with video marketing in your business or organisation , get in touch with us at MGL Media and let us give you confidence in your next production.

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