Why you need video for your website

Video for your website

The rapid growth of Youtube and online video means that more businesses are realising the importance of having high quality video content for their websites and social media channels. A recent study from Forbes showed that executives and staff really do prefer to use video rather than text to find business information. Video is more likely to influence their purchase decisions. Our recent work with DBS Managed Offices, is just one example of how companies can harness the power of great video content.

DBS provide high quality executive office space. They wanted to be able to give potential clients an opportunity see the range of services available – without customers having to take lots of time out of their schedule to immediately visit the premises. Our brief was to produce a range of short videos for the newly designed DBS website. In addition to a longer film that gives a more in-depth look at the company, we also produced a video for each of the 2 main locations and short client testimonial clips.

More video, less text

This wide range of content ensures that potential customers can quickly find the information they need without having to wade through pages of text. It also helps clients to reach that all important buying decision before they click away to a competitor’s site. The location tour films allow potential clients to get a real feel for the buildings, the team and the services offered by DBS. This will result in more telephone enquiries and an increase in customer appointments.

Nicky Severs from DBS Managed Offices, leicester

The human touch

DBS recognise that it isn’t enough to have a great product – potential customers need to be able to get clear visual information about what your company has to offer. As well as showcasing your products and services, a video is the perfect way to show the human side of your business. People buy from people, so get your staff members on camera and reflect the personality of your company.

Video Testimonials

Finally, DBS wanted to shout about some of the great feedback they receive on a daily basis from their existing clients. Written testimonials can be useful, but it is much more powerful to see and hear a satisfied customer explaining why they love what you do. Here is just one example of a testimonial video we produced for DBS.

Still undecided?

Take a few minutes to look at the sites of your competitors, or even just other companies you admire, and you will see that video is no longer the exception – it’s the norm. However, great video content, that succinctly and dynamically showcases your brand and services, is what will make you stand out from the competition. The question is no longer ‘can you afford professionally produced video for your website?’ The real question is ‘can your business afford NOT to have professionally produced video for your website?’

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